A personal video message to you!

FOGA is a company with a mission. 

Gum from Africa with sustainable impact.

100% fair: from farmers to you!

The FOGA SMILE concept:
We love our farmers & We love your mission and vision

We bring smiles on the farmers of our products. Everything is made sustainable. And that matches the way your company creates products. The women in this video have a story to tell you.

FOGA works on sustainable gum. These women from Shagra, North Darfur, ended their poverty and found a sustainable way of living.

We are looking for partners who want to create a better and more sustainable world with us.

All our products are harvested from farmers we know.

Farmers are very happy because they get:

Our farmers are based in Darfur and Kurdufan districts in Sudan. We register all our farmers and use a traceability system for all our products. This is audited and confirmed by our Organic EU certification.

We buy from the farmers. Middle-man are not involved in traditional ways. We offer several jobs in our factories and transportation for the community.



Our FOGA company statements.

Quicker Time-to-market

Our purchases buy straight from the farmers. Immediately it can be processed in our factories and exported.


We believe that our people and farmers are the most important drivers for the success of our mission.

We love our farmers

The better we care for our farmers, the higher quality and quantity we will get for a long-lasting future.

Quality Gum Acacia

We ensure high quality, purely organic gum. Our footprint with every batch is checked against international regulations and norms.

More profit for Sudan

Because we process the gum within Sudan, we add value to the product within in the country and share the profit for the benefit of the product chain.

Social Return

We plants trees. We dig water wells and water stores in the communities of our farmers.

We would love to meet you!

Sustainable & productive long-term partnership is our priority!

We would love to have a short digital coffee with you to meet eachother.

Ofcourse we respect your time. Are you interested in a short video call about our missions? Please tell us when it fits your schedule and we will send you a link for a Zoom meeting. Do you prefer to send us a message?
You can use the same form below or call us directly on +31 85 89 1241.

SMILE! This is how we work

Sustainable & productive long-term partnership is our priority!