High quality organic products from satisfied farmers.

All our products are harvested from farmers we know. Farmers are very happy because they get:

  • Maximum profit
  • New young trees to extend their farms
  • Support for community projects like education and hygienic training

Our cleaning factories are built close to the farmers to ease the processing and generate jobs for the society.

Our concept

The concept of FOGA to deliver gum acacia straight from the farmers is unique. This video explains our concept.


Our farmers from Sudan

We bring smiles on the farmers of our products. Everything is made sustainable.

Restoring nature

We invest in a green future by planting new acacia trees.

The acacia senegal trees grow best in a hot and dry area on Sahara sand. With their roots they fertilize the ground so other vegetation can grow.

The big trees keep sand on its place to prevent sandstorms. Because they convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, areas with these trees attract more rain falling.

Frequently asked questions

1What is gum Arabic?
Gum Arabic (or gum acacia) is a natural gum derived from the hardened sap of the acacia tree. The best quality comes from the acacia Senegal which grows the best in the ‘gum belt’, the Sahara in Sudan, Chad, Nigeria and Senegal. During the harvest season trees are ‘tapped’ by making cuts in the trees. On the cuts the gum grows. After a few weeks the farmers get the gum from the tree and sell it.
2Where is it used for?
Gum Arabic has many applications. In Europe it is mainly used as stabilizer in the food industry. Gum Arabic is also a key ingredient in traditional lithography and is used in printing, paint production, glue, cosmetics and various industrial applications, including viscosity control in inks and in textile industries. Many beverages (like coca cola) depend on the gum Arabic.
3Is this fair trade?
We use fair principles in all our organization and pay fair prices to the farmers. There is no children labor or slavery at our farms. The certification ‘fair trade’ is not yet available for gum Arabic.
4Are the farmers really from Sudan?
Our farmers are based in Darfur and Kurdufan districts in Sudan. We register all our farmers and use a traceability system for all our products. This is audited and confirmed by our Organic EU certification.
5Are there middle-men?
We buy from the farmers. Middle-man are not involved in traditional ways. We offer several jobs in our factories and transportation for the community.
6Is there corruption?
Our work ethic is to be transparent in everything we do. Our mission is to have impact on the farmers and the environment. In areas were corruption easily can arise, we implemented extra checks, security and reports to keep our fair and transparent ethics.
7How can there be more rain when planting trees?
De trees convert the CO2 from the surrounding air in oxygen (O2). This will react with the hydrogen (H2) in the air and form together the rain water (H2O).

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